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Weekly Vocabulary Compilation:03 March 2024 ...
Weekly Vocabulary Compilation: 03 March 2024...
Weekly Idioms Compilation: 03 March 2024

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Word of the Day
Arable (adjective)

(in farming) connected with growing crops for sale, not keeping animals बिक्री के लिए खेती करने संबंधी

Date: 03-Mar-2024

Advent (Noun)

the fact of somebody/something arriving (किसी व्‍यक्ति या घटना का) आगमन

Date: 02-Mar-2024


an indirect way of talking about somebody/something, usually suggesting something bad or rude व्‍यक्ति या वस्‍तु के विषय में परोक्ष टिप्‍पणी (प्रायः अनुचित प्रकार की); कटाक्ष, व्‍यंग्‍य

Date: 29-Feb-2024

PLACATE (verb)

to make somebody feel less angry about something किसी को शांत करना

Date: 27-Feb-2024

Phrase of the Day
Big ticket (idiom)

Very costly महंगा

Date: 04-Mar-2024

Up in arms (idiom)

Very angry क्रोधित

Date: 03-Mar-2024

Ways and means (idiom)

Methods of achieving something किसी चीज़ को हासिल करने के तरीके

Date: 02-Mar-2024

Be in eclipse (idiom)

Less successful कम सफल

Date: 01-Mar-2024

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Spelling error - 16


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Chandan kumar

SSC CHSL 2023 - AIR 520 (Ministry of housing and urban affairs)

Tq mam really English madhyam is very crucial and fruitful role for my journey

Suryakanta Nayak

AIR 3284 (Tax Assistant - CBDT)

Thank you sir for everything you provided on your platfom for students one stop solution for english comprehension


Rank - 587 (AEO (ED) - CGL 2023)

English Madhyam made me Hero in English. Especially for Comprehension and PQRS section English Madhyam should be preferrred.


Rank - 841 (Inspector (CGST) - CGL 2023)

Hello English Madhyam team, Got selected as GST Inspector post (AIR 841), It helped me a lot in my preparatin journey, Can't thank you enough.


Rank - 1021 (Assistant (Coast Guard - CGL 2023)

1-2 mahine me hi kaafi help huyi english me..😍😍😍

Ashutosh Dwivedi

Rank - 3882 (Inspector (CGST) - CGL 2023)

Thanks English Madhyam for your kind help 🙏♥️


Rank - 867 (Inspector Posts - CGL 2023)

Thank you ...I have selected CGL 23 with securing AIR865 in B20 (Inspector Posts) my 1st attempt...your CGL mains mock help me a lot for improving my English section specially comprehension section...Thanks again 🙏🙏🙏🙏

Agam gupta

Rank 92 (GST inspector - CGL 2023)

Dear english madhyam,
I appreciate your kind assistance in providing the PDF. Your generosity and willingness to help have been immensely valuable. Thank you for your support.
Best regards,
Agam gupta
Selected gst inspector
Rank 92


Rank - 678 (ASO (CSS) - CGL 2023)

Got aso in css and air677
Your mains test series helped a lot.


Rank - 605 (Inspector (CGST) - CGL 2023)

Hello. I am Arnab Dutta , selected as GST Inspector through SSC CGLE 2023 with AIR 604. I would like to thank the English Madhyam platform for providing relevant mock test series during 2022 & 2023 both (I was selected as EA in 2022). Your mock platform helped me practise a variety of questions of different difficulty levels, specially comprehension passages and parajumbles.

Thank you very much. Keep doing this great work in the future also. 🙏

Chandan Kumar

Rank 1707 (Excutive assistant- CGL 2023)

Hi mam My name is Chandan Kumar. I am selected as Excutive assistant Rank 1707 in CBIC. I have prepared using your plateform.
Thank you mam❤️

abhishek maurya

Rank - 315 (Inspector (CGST) - CGL 2023)

Ma'am my name is aaditya raj (abhishek maurya), I am happy to tell that I got GST post on AIR 315 in cgl 23 in which english madhyam channel played a crucial role.
Very very thank you sheetal ma'am 😊🙏

Neeraj Jha

Rank - 293 (ASO (MEA CC) - CGL 2023)

This is Neeraj Jha AIR 293 got selected as an ASO in MEA
I would like to thank the team English madhyam from my bottom of the heart for your selfless service providing a free pdf of the editorial which helps me a lot during preparation I used to solve that pdf on a daily basis which boosts my confidence in English section.


Rank - 1296 (Inspector (CGST) - CGL 2023)

Working as Bank PO, now selected as GST INSPECTOR in CGL-23 (AIR 1296). English Maadhyam has really helped a lot in improving Reading Comprehension. Your English Sectional Mocks are the best 🙏

Keshav Kumar Jha

Rank - 277 (ASO MEA - CGL 2023)

Thank you English Madhyam, For your support from PDF and mocks I appreciate your efforts Keshav Kumar Jha (ASO MEA)
AIR - 277 Once again very thankful to you 🙏🙏🙏